Taking something that’s not theirs

Have you ever had something that’s yours, and it’s electronic? Have you had an attachment to the item? Have you had to give that item to your sibling , so they can do a stupid power point? I have and let me tell you it sucks.

My sibling is so lucky, they get to use my laptop for a power point, and they can go on a regular computer and do the PowerPoint. I’m upset. They took everything, my mouse, the charger (which by the way my laptop was already 100% charged). Now I have to put everything back and plug in the charger, which I don’t want to do. In my mind, everything is ruined. My whole life is gone, blown by the wind. Don’t forget to mention, my mom took away my beloved Xbox controller, so basically I’m a nobody, left alone only to blog.

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Half glass of water


The pop culture saying- if your glass is half full or half empty. I think that people are downing there selves like a drink of water on a hot day. Why have a half glass if you can refill the glass an be happy again. There is no reason to be sad. Just drink the sadness and bring the happiness in your contigo bottle. Don’t be sad, be full of happiness!

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How to make people feel better by a person with experience.

This the blog posts, of blog posts. May I add, blogception. This a blog post on how to make people feel better about their selves. As I have studied this many, many, many times and have experienced this many, many, many times, I can help you. There are 3 major things you need to do:

1. Do you want people to make your self feel better? Because if you do, this isn’t the post you want. This is not going to make you happy one bit, so if you don’t like this so far, click follow, if you really like this post and others, click follow.

2. In order to make people feel better about their selves, you in hand need to look at your self, and ask. “Am I bullying anybody, do i make people sad”?, next question you will then ask you self, is “am I outgoing”? Do you talk to people, that you wouldn’t if you had a choice, do you make funny jokes? Are you in Drama? These things can help you be the best you can be.

3. Lose, at, everything. This is vital. If you lose at everything, you make people happy. In return, you are happy because they are happy. This makes school or life, much, much more fun.


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Happy New Years from the Day After

First, Happy New Years. Pop the champaign, blow the noise makers, get drunk (but be safe).

New Years is always a good day, but I was afraid of 2012 coming. Because who wouldn’t be afraid? I mean it’s the end of the world, Armageddon is happening. Chicken little can finally say the sky is falling and not be wrong!!!!!! It was a scary time for a 14 year old guy, who wanted to have a life ahead of him, but let me tell you, as time went…I wasn’t entirely scared. (You can read about my thoughts on that on my other post ‘End of the world’ first post I ever made). Life was coming from the other side of the tunnel. I am turning 16!!!! I can have a job, I can be a teenager!!!! All that stuff.

New Years is fun, a good time. Great stuff has happened in 2012, like good movies, awesome art, people, new discoveries. My New Years resolution is to have a good year, a fun year.

Thank you for reading, and have a good year!

( I have said year to much in this post lol)

From your very own,


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A day at the movies

A new category (fingers crossed), lets hope it works well haha.

Today I went to a city, we go there often, and usual it’s fun, today we went to Eb games, I got a turtle beach headset….I think it’s an xl I think. I can’t wait to try them, my newest headset doesn’t work at all anymore for some weird reason. They muted my party, it was so bad my friend sang a song “Can you hear me” (I could here from my tv). So, that’s that. Then we ate Wendy’s, yum. We went to the movies, ‘jack reacher’. Good movie, I got a little scared because of the gunshots, so….,yah.

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A spray painted master peice, that I found on the Interwebs

A spray painted master peice, that I found on the Interwebs

I just want to post this, this masterpeice is excellent. The color, the geometry and the great thing is, it ties in with each other. Well Done!

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How to make abstract at home

Hey, this is a blog about making abstract art at home. It’s really easy, i think. Its also a great conversation starter (if you want to impress the ladies *wink wink*). Anyways, items you will need.


Black laminate: Preferably shiny, so the spray paint will be seen.

Spray Paint: Please pick 2 colors.


Once you get the 2 items. Here is the procedure that i use.


Cut the laminate to the preferred size, I wouldn’t make it to big though because it would be harder to spread the spray paint. Now, Spray paint square outlines on the laminate, like this:Untitled





As you can see, the spray paint will stand out off the black. This makes it really awesome to do. You can color inside the square, but it depends on what you want.


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